2020-2021 Staff

Ariel Cassell


Ariel Cassell (12) is starting her senior year; this will be her fourth and final year on staff. She became Editor-in-Chief in her junior year and will continue to hold this position until she passes the torch in May. The Trojan Tr...

James Rhoten

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

James Rhoten (12) is a senior this year and is also the Assistant Editor-in-Chief on staff. He plays basketball for the school, is involved in theatre productions, improvises on the improv team, and is a part of the German Hon...

Scarlett LaBuda

Copy Editor

This is Scarlett LaBuda’s (10) second year on staff. Scarlett is kicking off this year as Copy Editor. Scarlett has a love for writing and English is her favorite subject. Scarlett keeps herself busy; between The Trojan Tribun...

Breanna Burbridge

Social Media Editor

Breanna Burbridge (12) is a senior and it is her first time trying out the journalism life. She participates in soccer, basketball, softball, National Honors Society, Spanish Honors Society, Athletic Leadership, and Student Council...

Elise Mundo-Sweet

Advertising Manager

This is Elise’s second year in journalism. She enjoys soccer, softball, writing, drawing, and singing. She also enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandma.

Anna Crowel

Visual/ Creative Corner Editor

Anna Crowel is the Visual/Creative editor on staff this year! Anna plays golf and track for Highland High school, and she’s excited to bring more people into the creative corner and take beautiful pictures for our stories....

Andrew Sands

Assistant Ad Manager

Andrew Sands (11) is a junior and this is his first year on staff. He enjoys basketball and football.

Maddie Rich


Maddie Rich (10) is a sophomore who is currently in her first year of being in Student Media. She likes to write, paint, and ride her bike. Her favorite thing to do is find and identify different kinds of wildflowers....

Anthony Mikus


This is Anthony, but you can call him AJ for short. He is a Freshman at Highland. Some things he finds interesting are video games, basketball, and watching movies. He likes to go camping with his family. He finds it very fun. H...

Jackson Hayes


Jackson Hayes (10) is a sophomore and this is his second year on staff. He loves to write and enjoys listening to music.

Hayden Gorham


Hayden is a freshman who enjoys writing and drawing. Her favorite food is pizza, and when she's not with her friends, she can probably be found listening to music alone.   

Brittany Bowers


Brittany Bowers (12) is a senior. This is her first year on staff. Brittany is a part of Key Club, Varsity Choir, and Highland Theatre Company. She is also doing private voice lessons with Lisa Woodruff-Hedin. She loves to si...

Liz Andersson


This is Liz’s (9) first year on staff. Liz enjoys and does track. She is excited to try something new for this school year. In her free time, she watches Netflix usually or just chills and reads a good book. ...

Zach Banes


Zachariah Banes (12) is a senior taking this class for his second year. He enjoys adventuring around urban areas, spending free time on the computer, and learning French on the side.

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