2019-2020 Staff

Ariel Cassell


This is Ariel Cassell’s second year on staff. After being the youngest member on the team last year, she is helping new staff members become more comfortable on staff. She has taken over the role as Editor-In-Chief for her juni...

Jessica Sonsiadek

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Jessica Sonsiadek is a junior. This is the first year she is on staff. She was in Journalism 1 her sophomore year. She enjoys writing editorials for The Trojan Tribune. In her free time, she loves being with her cats and her sister. ...

Chris Amador

Social Media Editor

Chris Amador is a senior and the new social media editor for the Trojan Tribune. Chris loves to cover sports and enjoys photographing stories for the school paper. This is Chris’ first year with the paper and he is excited for...

Megan Curran

Visual Editor

Megan Curran is a sophomore at HIghland High School. She enjoys listening to music, theatre, painting, and writing. This is her first year writing for The Trojan Tribune, and she is happy to do so....

James Rhoten

Organizational Editor

James Rhoten is a junior who plays basketball and improvises with Not Your Mother’s Improv. James Rhoten is a writer and likes to write sports stories. James wants to be more involved in theatre productions at the high school. ...

Anna Crowel


Anna Crowel is a writer for the Trojan Tribune. In her free time, she plays soccer and competes on Highland’s track & field team. Anna also enjoys dogsitting because she loves her French bulldogs, Augustus and Kiki....

Vanessa Covarrubias


Vanessa Covarrubias is a sophomore. This is her first year writing for The Trojan Tribune. Vanessa enjoys playing volleyball and running track for Highland. She loves old school hip hop/rap and adores rap artist J. Cole. Her ...

Peyton Dukes


Peyton is a senior and this is his first year in journalism. He loves music and theater and is a musician. He wants to have a successful senior year and hopes to be in a band. He also hopes that you will enjoy his reviews....

Casey Dziepak


Freshman Casey Dziepak is excited to be a writer for Tthe Trojan Tribune. He likes to play video games such as Overwatch. Casey also has 27 hours as The Spy in a game called Team Fortress 2. He is excited to be a part of The ...

Gabriel Fontanez


This is Gabriel Carson Fontanez, age 14, grade 9. Just call him Carson. Carson used to be a writer and especially enjoys the genre of fictional writing and is into fantasy elements and ethereal elements. Carson also likes memes. M...

Jackson Hayes


Jackson is a freshman writer for The Trojan Tribune. He loves anything to do with writing. He also loves music and is in concert and marching band. 

Jianna Harrison


Jianna Harrison is a freshman writer for The Trojan Tribune. In addition to Journalism 1, she enjoys drawing and theatre arts class. Jianna hopes to write some pop culture reviews, poetry, and self-care advice during her time on staff...

Alyssa Johnson


Alyssa Johnson is a senior. This is her first year on staff as a writer for The Trojan Tribune. She is involved in not only journalism, but also yearbook and Japanese club.

Paige Kooiker


Paige is a sophomore writer for The Trojan Tribune. She is also involved in theatre and enjoys spending time with friends.

Scarlett LaBuda

Co-Copy Editor

Scarlett is a freshman and this is her first year writing for The Trojan Tribune. In her free time, she likes spending time with her friends and her family. Scarlett is active in the school and is a part of student council an...

Trinity LaTondess


Trinity LaTondress is a freshman who enjoys writing, dancing, reading, and photography in her free time. Trinity is excited for this school year and hopes to be a part of Student Media next year.

Leonardo Luviano


Leonardo (Leo) Luviano is a freshman who is on the freshman football team. He likes to play video games or watch YouTube in his free time. He prefers to go by “Leo” and this is his first year as a writer....

Elise Mundo-Sweet


Elise Mundo-Sweet is a writer for The Trojan Tribune. Elise also participates in high school soccer and softball.

Jonah Romero


Jonah Romero is a sophomore and is a first year writer for The Trojan Tribune. He enjoys playing basketball and video games.

Brianna Ryan


Meet Brianna Ryan. She’s in grade 10 and plays the flute. She enjoys English and Journalism 1. She is a writer for The Trojan Tribune.

Maddox Schneider


Maddox Schneider enjoys writing about politics and current events.  When he’s not writing, he’s either longboarding or playing video games. 

Kaila Wandachowicz


Kaila Wandachowicz is a freshman, who loves helping people, and playing the piano. She is a budding photojournalist and is very excited to see what is coming her way in journalism next year.

Martha Torres


Freshman Martha Torres is new to The Trojan Tribune. She has always had a passion for writing and decided to finally do something greater with her talent. She hopes this opportunity to finally have her writing be shown publicly c...

Joanna Zurlis


Joanna Zurlis is a freshman and loves playing volleyball and softball. She likes English class the most and enjoys sketching in her free time. She is excited to learn about journalism and join the staff....

Edward Jania

Co-Copy Editor

This is Eddie’s first year on staff. He is an avid member of Highland Theater Company. He is a backpacker and is an excellent outdoorsman. This year, Eddie is the copy editor. 

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