2017-2018 Staff

Betty Huang

Editor-in-Chief, Writer

Betty Huang is The Trojan Tribune's Editor-in-Chief. She has been writing for Highland's online student publication for two years. Betty is the President of Key Club and the Key Club sponsor in Student Council. She is also involved...

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Skylar Clark

Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Writer

Skylar Clark has been writing for The Trojan Tribune for two years. Her favorite candy is Twizzlers, and her favorite color is light blue.

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Zach Gaskey


Zach Gaskey is a Trojan Wrestler and represents The Trojan Tribuneon Highland High School’s Student Council. Zach is charming, outgoing, and loves to make people laugh.

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D’Jesenia Torres


D’Jesenia Torres is involved in cheerleading and theatre. She wants to attend college at Indiana University, Bloomington to become a writer. She would describe herself as a perfectionist, hardworking, and professional. ...

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Isa Bargoz


Isa Bargoz enjoys writing and listening to music. In her free time, Isa likes to go to concerts with her friends and taking pictures. Isa’s favorite artists are Harry Styles, One Direction, Stevie Nicks, and Lana Del Rey.

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Colt Cash

Tech Expert, Writer

Colt Cash is a part of the Trojan Football team and loves to play video games.

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Sarah Liden


In Sarah Liden's spare time, she enjoys theatre, spending time with her friends, and writing. She describes herself as a perfectionist, sarcastic, and hardworking.

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Erica Addington


Erica Addington has been a part of the staff for two years now and hopes to one day become a teacher. She enjoys longboarding and drawing. Erica also enjoys spending time with animals.

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Matthew Lemerond


Matthew Lemerond likes video games, anime, eating, sleeping, having fun, and just hanging out. Matthew is a Taurus who likes Frank Sinatra, one of his favorite singers, and he thinks “big band” music is amazing....

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Cassie Westfall

Social Media Manager, Writer

Cassie Westfall is a music fanatic whose hair changes colors more often than a mood ring. Cassie is involved in HTC and Choir. Her hobbies include playing piano, drawing, and watching movies.

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Olivia Ottman


Olivia Ottman enjoys writing and aspires to be a journalist. Olivia sings and writes short stories outside of Student Publications. She also liked hanging out with her friends in Choir, The Trojan Tribune, and in Gaming Club. In...

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Anna Brown

Multimedia Editor, Writer

Anna Brown likes video production and editing. In her free time, Anna enjoys writing screenplays, learning languages, and playing guitar. Anna's favorite bands are Fall Out Boy and Muse. Her YouTube channel, Irenefox6.3, features ...

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