“Christmas on the Square” review


Dolly Parton’s Netflix original film was released on November 22, 2020. As of November 24th the movie was ranked 5th on Netflix’s top 10 movies. Photo courtesy of: variety.com

Scarlett LaBuda, Copy Editor

Dolly Parton stars in the Netflix original musical, “Christmas on the Square”, as her character Angel. As the movie starts out we meet Regina, played by Christine Baranski, who is serving eviction notices to all the towns members. You start to get the vibe that she has a Scrooge mentality. As Regina makes her way through the town she keeps interacting with Angel, who at the time is disguised as a homeless person asking for change.

As the movie continues we realize Angel is Regina’s guardian angel. When Regina walks out of frame Angel tells the audience that when she was dressed as a homeless person asking for change, she didn’t specify which kind, foreshadowing towards character change.

Regina is stone cold, she hates the holidays and despises them even more in her hometown. Regina goes to serve her final eviction notice to Carl, played by Treat Williams, who’s heart she broke in high school and he is still hurt over it. In Carl’s store she realizes that some of her fathers belongings ended up there, specifically a lamp prototype.

As Regina leaves Carl’s store she sees that the townspeople are wanting to resist her eviction and have even decided to call a town meeting over it. Regina is so upset and goes to speed away. In that process, Angel makes an appearance. Angel tells Regina that she needs to make some changes soon before it is too late.

Since this is a musical, while all of this is going on, singing and dancing are happening simultaneously. Which would be nice, however in this movie it makes the storyline drag and get confusing. The characters are singing the storyline, while you’re trying so hard to focus on what’s happening you end up getting lost in the singing and choreography.

Regina decides to go to a small portion of the town meeting and ends up leaving early. On her way out she decides to go to the local pub. When she arrives there she meets Violet, played by Selah Kimbro Jones, a 12 year old girl looking after her fathers pub while he’s at the town meeting. Regina and Violet get to talking, and that’s when Regina has a change of heart and realizes why she should stop the eviction of the townspeople.

As Regina wraps things up and reveals something about herself you wouldn’t expect, you really start to feel the Christmas spirit in this story. Regina realizes her wrongs and tries to fix them all while wrapping up old business while she’s back in town.

If you’re interested in musicals, this is a movie for you. This movie has a variety of singing and choreography mixed in with an interesting storyline. Don’t forget to look for foreshadowing hints in the story because many of them become relevant to later. I highly recommend watching this, especially if Hallmark Christmas movies are on your must this holiday season.