Changes for the end of the semester

Jackson Hayes, Reporter

The first day back after spending two weeks virtual learning. Picture by Jackson Hayes.

This year has brought on many changes for the school year. One thing that has been on many people’s minds is whether or not teachers will be giving out final exams this year, during the last week before winter break.

John Zack, the principal of Highland High School, said, “It’s gonna be dependent upon that teacher so that way it’s not too much for you, it’s not too much for them.”

Finals are usually a stressful time for many students. The last two days before winter break students get test after test. The testing schedule, if your teacher decides to give one, has also gone through some changes.

“We’re not having a special schedule, we’re just gonna keep our normal block schedule as it was already put into the calendar, but we’ll have, at most, two finals per day. If you even have those finals. So, if I’m not mistaken we should be doing it on Tuesday, having first and fifth block, or period, those finals. Wednesday should be 2nd and 6th, Thursday 3rd and 7th, and then Friday 4th period, only,” said Zack. 

Many people believe that the only reason the school will be opening up for the next two weeks is because of finals. That is not the case according to Brian Smith, the superintendent of the School Town of Highland.

“Right now, our staffing is set so we’re okay. We took this week off to see did people get covid over thanksgiving or were they around people that did that would quarantine them out,” said Smith. 

A fear among many is whether or not it is safe to return to school for these last two weeks of the semester.

Smith said, “Since we’ve been in school, and I’ve heard this from all the other schools in Lake County, and the Department of Health has heard this from the schools and all of Indiana, this thing is not spreading in schools. When we get cases it’s because someone is bringing it from the outside, but because we’re following the precautions it doesn’t spread.”

This year has brought on many worries and changes, but students, at least, have a bit less stress during the upcoming finals week.