Eddie Van Halen dies at 65


Eddie Van Halen was best known for playing guitar and often played impressive guitar solos. His most famous solo was Eruption, lasting 1 minute and 42 seconds. Photo courtesy of Ultimate Classic Rock.

Maddie Rich, Reporter

On October 6th, rock legend Eddie Van Halen passed away in a Santa Monica hospital after a lengthy battle with lung cancer. He is survived by his son, Wolfgang, and his wife, Janie Liszewski.

Van Halen, (not to be confused with his band, Van Halen) was known for his impressive guitar solos and riffs. His music was a big part of the hard-rock scene in the late 70s. He founded the rock band Van Halen in 1972 and performed with them until 1984 when the band split. Eddie, however, continued to perform until 2015 when he toured for a final time with Van Halen.

A former Assistant to the Tour Manager for Van Halen talked about what it was like being on tour with Eddie Van Halen in 1984. “It was exciting,” said Brad Nye,”So, in 1984 that was one of their biggest tours. You know the song, “Jump”? It went number one and they had never had a number one single before so it was all just very exciting.” 

“It was a lot of work,” he said, “because of travelling and getting 60 guys including the band from point A to point B. Then, you’re constantly reconfirming hotels and limos and lear jets for the next town and then you do the show that night. It got a little wild.”

Nye then talked about an Eddie Van Halen moment that will stick with him forever. “I’ll never forget one night in his hotel room, because he was writing music for a movie soundtrack called “The Wild Life” and I would love to just sit and watch him write. We used cassettes back then and he had a cassette player that was also a recorder, and one night he was like “Let’s hear some of your tunes.” He knew I played so I played him a couple songs and he was really cool. He was like, “Wow that’s awesome, man. Slow it down;let it breath. It’s gotta sizzle, man.” It was really amazing playing some of my songs for him.”

Eddie Van Halen was “extremely tender hearted.” Nye said in a Facebook post. Eddie Van Halen will be remembered by millions of people around the world as a rock legend.