December movie Releases


This photo shows just a few images from movies coming out this December on Netflix. Photo courtesy of What’s On Netflix

Paige Kooiker, Reporter

This December there are expected to be many new releases coming to Netflix in a wide variety of movies and shows. There will be Christmas movies, some scary, and even one or more in black and white. Since it is the holiday season there maybe many more Christmas movies than anything else.

At the start of this December, on the third, the first movie release of the month is Just Another Christmas. This movie is a Brazilian movie that’s Groundhog Day but on Christmas Eve. The movie follows a man who wakes up after taking a tumble one year later on Christmas Eve with no memory of the past year. He will forever wake up on that same holy night until he forces himself to face his mistakes.

The next movie on the list is The Prom, a movie that follows the drama that unfolds as a lesbian teenager is banned from going to the prom with her girlfriend in a small town in Indiana. This movie will be quite emotional, and dramatic as these girls fight to go to prom together.

The movie How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding is to be expected by the end of December but doesn’t have an exact release date according to this movie will be about a woman from South Africa who finally comes home for the holidays for the first time in years. Along the way manages to ruin her sister’s wedding in the process, then has to try to pick up the pieces before the big day arrives.

This December has many great movies to choose from. There will be plenty of Christmas movies to accommodate for those who love Christmas movies and the holiday all together. This year will soon be coming to an end with all these great movies coming out on Netflix along with many others this December.