Trending fall fashions

Vogue fashion model wearing gold jewelry complimented with a cozy sweater. Photo courtesy of Giampaolo Sgura from

Anna Crowel, Visual Editor

Fall season is here and that means new fashion trends are emerging. 

Fashion isn’t wearing a sweater and a pair of jeans. It’s combining accessories and colors to compliment each other to make up a fashionable, cute outfit. Such as wearing earrings; Natalie Bartlett (12) says, “Lately the chunky gold hoops have been very in and also the hoops with the charms on them, and I love them both.”

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The jump from summer to fall is a huge one; the colors, style, and design changes completely. Karina Melero (11) says, “…an army/olive green and warm colors in general rather than bright and loud colors like pink.” Like Melero said, warm colors are more fitting for fall than bright colors. She also mentioned how “…crew neck sweaters and fuzzy cardigans are in right now and go with anything hing.” 

Ms. Malagon says, “It’s about pattern and textures. Like right now, plaid, thick stripes, tie dye, and cheetah print are all popular designs and for the textures there’s a lot of leather and suede styles.” All these elements make up an excellent outfit.