American Murder the Family Next Door review


The movie American Murder The Family Next Door is not your average documentary. This contains actual footage from the investigation and keeps you on your toes until the very last minute. Photo courtesy of IMDB

Scarlett LaBuda, Copy Editor

American Murder the Family Next Door is a documentary about the untimely death of the Watts family. Chris Watts brutally killed his pregnant wife and their two kids in 2018, and the case has finally come to a close. Netflix made a documentary with the help of Shanann Watts’ family. 

The documentary focuses on the events leading up to the murder. Shanann Watts had gone out of town with her friend Nickole Atkinson. Atkinson dropped off Watts at her home around 2 am and later that morning felt something was off. Atkinson called the police to report something wasn’t right. 

As the story progresses the husband, Chris Watts becomes more nervous and his secrets start to pour out. It is disclosed that Chris has been having an affair and was planning to leave his wife before she supposedly went missing. 

After this, Shanann and her kids, CeCe and Bella, had been discovered. The kids were found in an oil tank and Watts had been found nearby in a shallow grave. 

Chris Watts was then charged with the death of his wife and kids. He was given 3 life sentences and is in lockdown for 23 hours of the day.

This movie accurately accounts for the events that happened. In the documentary, we get actual footage of the police investigation as it unfolds. You truly feel like you are right there as the story pans out. This is a heartbreaking story and has you on the verge of tears for most of it. If you’re looking for a true-crime story that’ll pull on the heartstrings, this movie is good for that.