Blackpink returns to the stage

Blackpink’s concept photo for their latest release, “Lovesick Girls”. Photo courteous of

Jackson Hayes, Reporter

Blackpink is a K-pop group that debuted in 2015 under YG Entertainment. They are one of the top groups in K-pop and a name that a lot of people, outside of K-pop fans, know. They don’t have the most extensive discography, but they just added some more to the list with their newest comeback, “The Album”.

The title track of “The Album” is, “Lovesick Girls”. After some disappointment with their pre-releases and last comeback, “Lovesick Girls” was surprising. Their last few releases haven’t met the standards of their fans, Blinks, and have been very disappointing. “Lovesick Girls” is a nice turn around for the group. 

Unlike some previous songs, “Lovesick Girls” has a full chorus. It sounds a lot like an anthem, which really works. If it wasn’t anthem-like it wouldn’t have been as good as it is.

“Lovesick Girls” is a good song, except for the ending. It goes directly from being upbeat to
slowed down with the last line. The ending isn’t horrible, but it would’ve been better if they eased into the ending a bit more.

“The Album” is overall a pretty good album, except for “Ice Cream”. “Ice Cream” was a collaboration with Selena Gomez, and despite it being a Blackpink song, Selena got more lines than one of the members, Jisoo. “Ice Cream” is not well put together.

Even though “Ice Cream” isn’t that good of a song, the other seven are. I wouldn’t say that “Lovesick Girls” is song of the year worthy, but it’s definitely worth a listen to.