What to do if you are struggling to focus on your schoolwork


This photo shows Barack Obama in a classroom with students focused on a project in class. Image from ED.gov Blog-US Department of Education

Paige Kooiker, Writer

There are many reasons someone can’t focus or has a hard time doing so. Although it can be hard to focus sometimes, there are many tips and tricks to use to help focus. Although distractions can be negative there are positive distractions that can help like meditation.

“Being in my living room where I feel like if I’m not productive I’m wasting space can help me focus and get my work done faster,” said Amirah Grubb grade 11.

Concentration is the key to getting your work done every day. When you can’t it can be hard and will take a lot longer to get your work done for the day. Eliminating what is stopping you from concentrating on your work helps very much.

“What helps me focus is listening to music in a room by myself,” said Brooklyn Mitchell, grade 9.

When you are working if your phone is distracting you because you keep getting notifications. Then put your phone on, do not disturb or turn it off until you are done with your work.

“Being quiet and organized makes it easy to focus for me,” said Hailee Kiourtsis, grade 11.

Being able to focus on work is always different for everyone. There may be people that can focus the same way you can. But there will also be people that can’t use that same strategy and have it work for them.