2020 Trojan Hoco Court

Breanna Burbridge, Social Media Editor

New Principal John Zack has agreed to allow a homecoming court of the regular six senior boys and six senior girls to dress up and attend a coronation night, September 29th on the football field, to find out who will be homecoming king and queen. In attendance will also be the junior and senior class. The winners will get the traditional announcement at the next football game to keep the usual excitement alive.

Nominees include:Alina Wilson, Hailey Rudloff, Madison Pearce, Natalie Bartlett, Maegan Shaw, and Breanna Burbridge for Queen , and Camden Scheidt, Dane Richardson, Christian Rios, Jason Merkel, Mo Issa, and Mike Perry for King.

Following the news many of the members of court had their own opinions on the changes made for this year.

Nominee Madison Pearce said, “I’m happy they (administrators) are trying to do things for us, even with COVID, but I also wish we all got to walk and get recognized like we would usually do.”

“I think Mrs. Richardson and everyone else involved in planning court this year are doing a great job. It’s unfortunate that things have to be different this year because of COVID, but given the circumstances, they are doing a great job handling it,.” Camden Scheidt said.

Mike Perry also expressed disappointment, “I think everything should be the same. We only get this one chance to walk out in front of everyone and have our name called out. It just sucks we can’t have our normal senior year but we’re all getting through it.”

Aly Wilson said , “Mrs. Richardson is trying her best to figure everything out and keep everybody safe, so I’m just appreciative.”

They also talked about how they reacted to getting nominated for court.

Natalie Bartlett said, “I didn’t think I would actually get on (court). I really wanted my friends to make it.”

Camden Scheidt said, “I always thought it would be cool because my brother also was on court his senior year, so it’s awesome that we both got to experience it. I was kinda surprised to be picked, yes. There are so many people that could’ve been voted on and represented this court, but I’m just glad I got voted on and (get to be) a part of it.”

Christian said that he was surprised because “I’m not really as popular as other people in the school.” Christian Rios said.

Mo Issa said, “I was surprised to be one out of six people at our school to be selected, so it’s pretty cool to be on there.”

Everyone on court took time to express how much they appreciate being put on court by their peers.

“It means a lot because it’s my last year in high school and to say that I at least made it onto court is an achievement on its own,” Rios said.

Many people on court feel like their friendliness and strong relationships have gotten them to this point.

Rudloff said, “I think I got chosen to be on court because even if I don’t have a lot of close friends, I am still nice to everyone and treat everyone the same way I would like to be treated.”

Richardson said, “ I think I got chosen ‘cause I’m nice to everyone I talk to in school.”

The candidates are divided on who will be crowned King, with most predicting the top two as Camden and Mike.

Pearce said, “For Queen, I feel it will be either Bre or Maegan because they are both sweet and friendly to everyone.”

“I think Madison Pearce will win it,” Perry said,  “because she gets along with a lot of people and she’s very friendly to people, whoever it is.”