“Project Power” review


The eye-catching Project Power movie poster starring Jamie Foxx. Picture from awardscircuit.com

Scarlett LaBuda, Copy Editor

The new Netflix movie “Project Power” was released earlier this year and worked its way up to rank number 2 in the Top 10 list on Netflix. This movie has a very interesting plot. It is set in modern day New Orleans and a group of police officers are working to find the source of these Power Pills that give you superhero abilities. The movie starts off with action which keeps your attention.


As the movie goes on you realize that one of the former officers, Art played by Jamie Foxx, is obsessed with finding the source because the people who distribute these pills have the most important thing for him, his daughter. In efforts to find her he befriends Robin, played by Dominique fishback, a young girl just trying to make ends meet. 


They work together to find the people, but Art is struggling. Robin looks very similar to his missing daughter and he keeps having moments of PTSD from when she was stolen from him. Robin always tries to kick him out of these flashes but she struggles. Art always feels guilty once the flashback is over, but he seldom talks about it. 


As the movie comes to a close Art finds his daughter with the help of Robin and takes her back home. He ends up giving Robin the money she needed to help pay her mother’s medical expenses and the soup she kept asking for. Everyone ends up happy and they go their separate ways.


If you’re someone who likes action and adventure I highly recommend this movie. This movie keeps your attention and you stay entertained. The plot is amazing and has many recognizable actors. Netflix is already rumoring for a “Project Power“ 2, so I recommend watching the first one before the second one comes out.