Highland Theatre Company hopes to bring magic to this school year


With HTC’s last planned production of the 2019-2020 school year “Into the Woods” being cancelled; the last production HTC was able to perform was “Little Women”. Photo provided by Highlandtheatrecomapny.org

James Rhoten, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

With the pandemic and virtual learning, students have little to look forward to in terms of having a “normal” high school year. Luckily, sports have started to have games and bring school spirit back to students. However, what about other extracurricular activities that students look forward to at Highland High school? Well, Highland Theatre Company, or HTC, has plans to bring some magic to the 2020-2021 school year. 


HTC had their first callout meeting of the new school year on Thursday, August 27. With the future of the school year uncertain, so is the future of HTC. Matthew Domasica, theatre director, said, “We are hoping to produce at least two events this year. What those are remain to be seen yet.” 


In the face of uncertainty, Domasica is fairly confident in his company and their ability to improvise. “The pandemic has certainly thrown us all a curveball and like everyone else we’ll have to be creative in how we approach our work, but I’m confident in our organization’s ability to adapt and carry on,” said Domasica


Not Your Mother’s Improv, HTC’s improv team, has yet to decide whether or not they will have auditions this year due to the online format being a challenge for even returning members. However, whether on the improv team or not, every member of HTC will be improvising with how theatre will be handled this year. 


Kaitlyn Tiemens, Grade 12 and HTC President, has big plans for HTC that she hopes to act out this year as president. Tiemens said, “We do plan on keeping the company active and alive in any way we can, and safety for our members is top priority.”


“I definitely want to keep everyone involved as much as possible, even the techies and the new members, because HTC is more than just actors on stage,” said Tiemens.


Though the future of both the school year and HTC are both uncertain, Domasica and his board of officers will do everything possible to bring a little magic to the school year. To students who are interested in joining HTC, use the classroom code dpcsmla to join the HTC google classroom and get notified about upcoming events or meetings. 


To put it simply, HTC will do what theatre people have always done. Domasica said, “We’re theatre people and we’ll do what theatre people have done for hundreds of years when the unexpected happens, we’ll improvise until we find our way back to the script.”