GOT7 Returns

GOT7’s concept photo for their mini album, “DYE” Photo from:

Jackson Hayes, Reporter

GOT7 is a K-pop group that was formed by JYP Entertainment in 2014. Ever since their debut they have been putting out multiple mini albums a year, never letting their fans, Ahgase, go too long without new music. On April 20th at 7 PM, KST GOT7 released their 14th mini album, “DYE”. 


The title track for this comeback, “Not By The Moon”, is about eternal love. The concept of the song is easily conveyed with translated lyrics such as, “My days were colorless, but now my tomorrow will be colored by you,” and “In this world that has colored me you’re the reason I’m alive.” 


“Not By The Moon” is a very well written and produced song. The way the vocalists sing goes really well with the instrumental. The vocalists also have no trouble trying to blend their voices together. 


The rappers of GOT7 joined in at some parts and sang a little, which is unusual. The rappers were able to pull it off though, and if you didn’t know anything about the group they would blend right in with the vocal line. Most rappers tend to stick to rapping and leave the vocals to the vocalists, but GOT7 decided against that and it worked. 


Overall, “Not By The Moon” is very well written and produced. In their previous 13 mini albums GOT7 was never one to disappoint Ahgase, and with their 14th they haven’t either. Even if you’ve never had a particular liking towards GOT7’s music you should consider giving “Not By The Moon” a chance.