DaBaby Plays the Blame Game


DaBaby has transformed the style of his recent music that has just been released. Photo provided by Birdie Bands

Vanessa Covarrubias, Writer

A new album release during quarantine? Yes, in fact DaBaby is not letting the coronavirus pandemic stop him as he has just announced that his newly released album, Blame It on Baby, has just been released on Friday, April 17, 2020. It has only been seven months after his last album, Kirk, and just 13 after his debut album, Baby on Baby. DaBaby is fearlessly moving forward with new music while several musicians have delayed their albums as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.


This superstar shows no signs of fatigue and it is clearly shown in his opening track is titled “CAN’T STOP,” and despite if he can or can’t, he doesn’t. This 28-year-old is relentless when it comes to his clever rhymes and his consistent rhythm of a healthy EKG. Many fans of Baby’s music should be able to find tracks on this album to enjoy yes especially on his early tracks such as “PICK UP” and “TALK ABOUT IT”.


Baby shows off his melodic side using twinkling guitar backings on the album’s first single, “FIND MY WAY” and the subsequent track, “ROCKSTAR”. One of the album’s standouts is designed specifically to display Baby’s versatility in the span of two minutes. Within those two minutes the beat takes four abrupt swerves and each time Baby pivots without a hitch.


When it comes to comparing and contrasting his first two albums to the one that has just been released many fans before this album would say his music sounds the same which would mean he has maintained a particular style, which is a strategic necessity. Although in his recent album shows versatility among the sound and the way the words flow meshing beautifully together with the beat. DaBaby has clearly set out to push himself with his new music and has received a grand amount of positive feedback since he has given his fans a new sound that is completely unique and fresh. 


While these are dark times for our country some newly released music such as DaBaby’s is much appreciated as it gives the public the ability to shift their focus on something positive. His new album, Blame It on Baby, has been refreshing since he switched up the flow that has a signature design to be more appealing to a subset of fandom. Many people would agree to an extent that it’s important to change up a classic style and bring a new sound that no one has ever heard.