Social Distancing Shifts Spotify Streaming


Spotify has added a way for its listeners to spend their time during quarantine. Photo provided by Pixabay

Vanessa Covarrubias, Writer

Where, when, and how people use Spotify has changed since being quarantined and fewer people make daily commutes from home to work. Now more than ever there has been a drastic change in the amount of people who now are steaming across devices such as computers, TVs, and gaming consoles.


Being limited to having exposure to the outside can restrict how you order take out while other people are more susceptible to cooking at home as it being more cost efficient. This results in an increase of the amount of cooking, homework, and housework themed playlists showing people are primarily focused on family and domestic tasks instead of music that are proposed for social gatherings.


While many civilians have a lot of free time they become more self aware and take this time to self reflect. Spotify provides self improvement podcasts that touch on such topics. These topics include wellness and meditation which are also increasingly popular during such a delicate time.


Knowledge is power which is why Spotify listeners are staying informed about the world around them. There are podcasts that are quite informative on how to stay safe and healthy during the covid-19 virus. Currently parents are facing a new challenge of keeping their children safe and entertained while encouraging them to get their own school work done. Due to this there has been a rise in the streaming of Kids & Family content, more specifically music to help kids remain asleep throughout the night. What seems to be most popular has been both children’s music and classical have been streamed extremely over the past week.