Adopt a senior to brighten their day


In order to cheer up Highland seniors, a Facebook page was created to “adopt” students in the class of 2020. photo by Megan Curran

Megan Curran, Visual Editor

If you know any seniors, you know that they’re having a tough time, they have to miss their graduation, prom, and many other aspects of their final year in high school. A Facebook group was created in order to cheer up and uplift seniors, letting them know that they matter. Highland, IN Adopt a HS Senior is a page created by English teacher Jodi Olah on April 26th.


Parents make a post with pictures of their child, stating their child’s name, birthday, hobbies, interests, and other information about them, and other parents or members of the group can choose to adopt or sponsor them. Adopting or sponsoring a senior can mean different things, you can make gift baskets with gift cards, candy, and other treats, or notes and letters with words of encouragement.


 This Facebook page is also a nice way to bring the community together. Senior Erin Perry said, “I’ve felt distant from my own classmates since we’ve all been apart. But this feels like a way to show each other how much we care. I’ve helped my mom gather and distribute gifts to different seniors and it’s warmed my heart so much!” 


“I think it’s interesting and kind given everyone could use hope right now. So many people will never get to have the grad parties they wanted or get to see their classes again given many are moving for work or schooling before any type of back up prom can be. Though it’s a little unsafe it’s still nice.” Said senior Richard Hayes


The page is still growing with people eager to cheer up the class of 2020. “I am blown away at all the support!  In less than 3 days we have almost 500 members! I can barely keep up with all the requests from people who want to do something nice for our seniors. It’s amazing!” Said the creator of the page, English teacher, Jodi Olah.


Something like this is exactly what students need right now, this will show seniors that they matter and that people care about them. If a student is available it will say at the top of their post whether they have been adopted or sponsored yet. If you want to sponsor a senior or submit a senior that you know to be sponsored, the link to the facebook group is below.