Monsta X makes their way to the top

Monsta X after getting off of the stage at a concert. Photo from

Jackson Hayes, Writer

Monsta X is a Korean band formed by Starship Entertainment. They debuted on May 14th, 2014 and took the K-pop world by storm. Ever since their debut, they have constantly been working on new music. The past couple of months have been no exception as they recently released a Japanese single called, “Wish On The Same Sky”. 


Last year one of the seven original Monsta X members, Wonho, was forced out of the group because of a scandal, and many people were upset by his departure. “Wish On The Same Sky” is about Wonho’s departure from the group. 


The remaining members of Monsta X use the song as a way to say that they miss their former member, but him leaving isn’t goodbye. The song has already made its way into many of their fans, Monbebes, hearts. The message of the song isn’t confirmed by Monsta X, but that is what many Monbebes believes the song to be about. Some of the translated lyrics such as, “The counts of all the memories are making me miss you more,” and “This is not goodbye, we will shine here. Hoping that you’ll get this message at the place I was always with you,” Seems to be making people believe it is about Wonho.


The song is a nice slow ballad. The singer’s voices shine through as the rap portion blends in smoothly. Usually, in ballads, rap lines are misplaced and have a hard time adding to the song, but in “Wish On The Same Sky” the rapper’s parts fit perfectly.


Monsta X has never been a group to disappoint and “Wish On The Same Sky” was no exception. If you’ve never listened to Monsta X then you should take just a few minutes out of your day to listen to their newest release.