Apink’s dumhdurum review


Official “Look” Concept Photo from Play M Entertainment

Jianna Harrison, Writer

Apink is a girl group that was formed by Play M Entertainment and debuted in 2011 with their EP “Seven Springs of Apink”, and has just comeback with their 9th mini album “Look” after a one year break. The six members include Leader Park Cho-rong, lead vocalist Yoon Bo-mi, main vocalist Jung Eun-ji, lead dancer Son Na-eun, lead vocalist Kim Nam-joo and finally, the youngest, rapper Oh Ha-young. Former member Hong Yoo-Kyung left in 2013 to focus on her studies.

Apink has had two hit comebacks in a row with “I’m So Sick” and “%%”, and it looks like “Dumhdurum” will be no different, as of April 23rd, their mv, aka music video, has a cumulative 13.8 million views in their grasp just a week after its release. When Apink first started, they were mostly known for the cheery, cute, and girly concepts following their songs. However, “I’m So Sick” kicked off Apink’s more mature and dance focused concept. 

The vocal work of the song itself is already amazing, really polishing the song with their distinct, crisp vocals that the girls curated beautifully over their 9 year career, but with a catchy synth hook and amazing chorus, the instrumental is definitely something to get into. Not only do you have the hook and the synths, at some parts of the song there’s this almost piercing sound that comes after an airy buildup, uttering in the first after the song’s introduction. Right after that, the instrumental somehow shifts to a cool, tropical vibe in the background, adding an unexpected flavor to what was to be just a darker-pop dance track. Then, after quieting down for the girls to sing their verses, it comes back full force for the chorus, making it more impactful. I think the most interesting part of the song comes after the first chorus, where only the piercing synths and fluttering instrumental remain, letting Ha-young sing a practically enchanting bridge. It takes a couple listens, but the sound is addictive.

With all the musical talk over, let’s focus on the music video. Right from the beginning the viewer is greeted by a variety of bright colors, however, the music video does not make the colors too bright or obnoxious to the viewers eyes, which is very interesting, considering they didn’t work with a limited color palette like they did with “%%”. Each girl has their own decorated set, Eun-ji with multiple flickering lamps, Cho-rong with a blue room adorned with silk, Bo-mi with lightbulbs luminous in a dark room, Ha-young in a train car, Na-eun with luggage in a hotel room, and Nam-joo in a luxurious bathroom. There are multiple closeups of objects and absolutely hypnotising imagery in the music video, and the camerawork and lighting is splendid. 

We end with the choreography of this song, which is just as alluring as the rest of the package. It’s bold, confident, yet graceful and elegant, with such smooth execution it could put you in a trance. The girls have much experience in dancing, and you can clearly see the skill they’ve attained, as they make such a complicated dance look so easy. Stage performances from Apink are therefore a visual blessing, and the stage outfits fit the concept beautifully!

Even though Apink are seniors at this point in the kpop industry, the girls are still only in their 20s and are still going strong with their music, videos, and choreography. I’m sure their devoted fan base, the Pink Pandas, will agree with me!