A cure for panic


An example of medication prescribed to those with extreme anxiety. Photo by: https://archives.drugabuse.gov/sites/default/files/nr-2014-istock_000015566280medium.jpg

Martha Torres, Writer

It’s not a surprise that during a pandemic such as COVID-19 that anxiety has begun to rise. The virus has sparked fear and mass hysteria all over the globe. From February 16th to March 15th, prescriptions for anti-anxiety medicine have spiked by 34%, reports from Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefit manager owned by Cigna, said. 


Along with anti-anxiety medicine, antidepressants have risen by 18.6% and anti-insomnia drug prescriptions have also increased by 14.8%, all around the same time frame, according to Express Script’s report. The report was based upon an analysis of prescription claims of all three medicines filed between January 19th and March 15th, the sample using more than 31.5 million people. 


Among the 31.5 million, lies patients with prior anxiety conditions. COVID-19 could be a large and potential trigger for 19.1% of adults already suffering with anxiety disorder. Other disorders such as OCD can be triggered by the virus as well.


It’s concerning to see this sudden spike in prescriptions in such a short amount of time. As COVID-19 cases rise, so does panic. If you find yourself troubled by anxiety, there are steps you can take to prevent these thoughts. Be self-aware, and try to keep some normalcy. 


With the pressure of ‘social distancing’ and events being canceled, that may seem difficult. Routines and schedules help you feel safe and more at ease. Normal sleep and meal times are a need and focusing on activities that keep you entertained and happy is a need during this time as well. Practicing these steps may very well be the cure for your COVID-19 panic.