Students given a chance to explore with virtual field trips


These free virtual field trips are a great way to explore and learn about new and familiar places. Students given a chance to explore with virtual field trips Photo provided by Freedom Homeschooling

James Rhoten, Organizational Editor

When people are told to stay in their homes for an extended period of time, boredom is bound to strike. Being bored causes the brain to wander all over the place, from embarrassing memories in elementary school to fantasies of meeting your favorite celebrities, boredom has it all. To combat boredom in students, Freedom Homeschooling has set up free virtual field trips where you can explore fascinating places you’ve always wanted to see from the comfort and safety of your home.

These virtual field trips allow you to travel places all across the world, without moving an inch. They take you to places we can’t even visit yet, including a full 360-degree view of the surface of Mars.

The site has many museums, from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. You can search the collection of specimens at the E.H. Strickland Entomological Museum, or tour the architectural masterpieces that are the Vatican Museums.

World landmarks are also included in these field trips, an example being the Statue of Liberty. A panoramic virtual tour allows you to walk along the Great Wall Of China. Whether these place are new or familiar, it’s still fun to learn more about these fascinating places.

For animal-lovers, there are plenty of live webcams you can tune into to watch many kinds of different animals. There are also tours of many zoos, such as the Houston Zoo and the San Diego Zoo. For those who prefer exploring ocean-life, explore some of the best aquariums in the world through virtual tours. The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California and the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland are just waiting to be explored.

So, if you’re as bored as the millions of other people sitting at home, go check out these amazing virtual tours on . Instead of being bored at home, explore and learn about all the fascinating places the world has to offer.