Need a new hobby for quarantine? Try journaling


Journaling is a creative way to spend time. Photo Provided By: Clipart Library

Scarlett LaBuda, Co-Copy Editor

Do you find yourself getting bored during this quarantine? You think you’ve done everything from cleaning, to cooking and maybe even reading. Through all of that you may not have thought of another obvious thing to combat boredom, journaling! The school counselors have posted a list of 10 different ways to start journaling. 

This link has something for everyone. It starts off with some of the more obvious options like “Dear Diary,” but then it transitions into fresher ideas like “Daily Wins.” This can be beneficial because it can be a safe place for you to write your feelings or a place for you to just write down whatever you are thinking. In conclusion, this resource is something that can be very beneficial to help students survive this pandemic.