Cherry Bullet Shoots Their Shot!


Official Cherry Bullet concept group. Photo provided by FNC entertainment!

Jianna Harrison, Writer

Cherry Bullet is a brand new K-POP girl group who debuted on January 21, 2019 with their debut single album “Let’s Play Cherry Bullet.” Cherry Bullet has two concepts to go with how their music is produced, the Cherry concept, which is a very cute, bubble concept made for summer releases, and their Bullet concept, which is a more rebellious, energetic take for more of a dance track. Originally Cherry Bullet had ten members, but for personal reasons, three of the girls terminated their contracts, so this is the group’s first comeback of seven members. The current members consist of Leader Haeyoon, Yuju, Bora, Jiwon, Remi, Chaerin, and May!


“Hands Up” is the group’s first song under the “Bullet” concept, and alongside it the group is still trying to go with their interesting and versatile visual theme of video games! Though their two cheery title tracks last year, ‘Q&A’ and ‘Really Really’ featured cute skirts and pixel hearts to shoot down, ‘Hands Up’ features sassy looks, bright orange pants, and a cool VR setting where the girls strut around and dance in. 


Getting more into the video game visual element of Cherry Bullet’s videos, this one, though more low key about it, still has an interesting involvement of the video. Starting off the MV we see the girls  walking into their workplace as a shot of a metal plate labeled “Cherry Bullet Dev”, the music soon starts and we get a good amount of scenes in their lab,seeing the girls sorting through documents, going over blueprints, and making digital model of their personalized VR space. Eventually member Yuju put on their new and improved VR headset, and the girls pop into a set explosive with bright colors and graffiti. The rest of the music video consists of the girls exploring in the VR space, going into shops, looking at albums, and doing some bouncy choreo while looking cute in their new outfits. 


Musically, the song might not be terribly impressive to one who doesn’t think much of instrumental, the backbone of every good song. If you don’t really listen to it, you might not hear or realize just what a well crafted song it is. First, there is a sample in the song, you may not realize it at first listen, but Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” is actually one of the backing synths! It plays throughout the whole song, and because of the certain synth it is played with, its sound resembles that of an 8-bit video game! Next is the transitions within the structure of the song, which are so clean, you won’t notice just how good they were until the third listen. The song can go from vocals, to a short rap break, to choreography, and to a fantastic break in seconds without you even realizing it! Composers Kim Do-hoon, and Lee Sang-ho did a wonderful job on the song, and it’s an added plus that somehow the song manages to be catchy within the first thirty seconds! 


Though not a living masterpiece, Cherry Bullet’s newest single, ‘Hands Up’ is more than enough to keep the group afloat, since their music video has reached 4.6 MILLION views within the first couple days of its release! Not to mention that the girls energetic choreo and incredible live singing add something truly special to the song. Please check out Cherry Bullet, since they are bound to become K-pop’s new rising rookie group.