Louis Tomlinson returns as a solo artist


Louis Tomlinson after his solo debut performing again. Photo provided by: Getty Images

Anna Crowel, Writer

On January 31st a new album came out by Louis Tomlinson, the album is called “Walls.” Louis Tomlinson was previously part of the group One Direction, the boy band every teenage girl used to love and praise. Tomlinson’s new song “Only the Brave” is anything but that. 


The 12th song “Only the Brave” by Tomlinson is poorly written and the rhythm is off. The lyrics such as “And they’ll say, ‘I told you so’ Come on, when ya know, ya know,” sound immature and extremely autotuned. The lyrics are also easily misheard since the acoustic guitar is overbearing and playing over his voice. Some of the lyrics also do not make sense, for example, “it’s the church of burnt romances.” The song overall, is just poorly executed and barely scraped together. 


Tomlinson’s voice, on the other hand, is a soothing and talented voice. His song “Only the Brave” did not do his voice justice. His other songs such as “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” and “Always You” truly portray his talent that was not shown in the song. 


Tomlinson was the last member to make a solo career out of the group One Direction. He put off doing music because of the passing of his mother and sister in 2016. His mother died of Leukemia and his sister of an accidental drug overdose. This made Tomlinson upset like anyone else who would lose their mother and sister, but he continued making music to inspire others. 


This one terrible song out of the many other songs he’s made in One Direction and in his solo career does not define him. His voice is still a talent he has and he just needs to harness that power better.