The downfall of “Star Wars”

New “Star Wars” trilogy does not hold a torch to the legacy of the original trilogy. Image provided by

Gabriel Fontanez, Writer

Star Wars is a beloved and widely known movie franchise around the world, whether you’ve seen it or not you’ve probably heard about via commercials or some other form of media or person. Star Wars has been a very successful franchise over the years and people were hoping to keep it that way after Disney bought Star Wars from George Lucas for $4.05 billion on October 30 of 2012, unfortunately to the fans this was not the case.


On December 18, 2015, Disney released its first Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, following was many mixed reviews of the movie but it leaned more toward the positive side of things; fans said that the movie had potential and were hoping the next movies Disney was planning to release would hold up. The second release Rogue One: a Star Wars Story was another movie with mixed reviews, Rogue One was a movie that was set before the very first movie in the series. 


The next release in the Disney Star Wars line was Solo, the origin of Star Wars’ most iconic heroes Han Solo. For a few people, Solo was great, but for the hardcore Star Wars fans it felt like a let down, seeing how Han Solo was this mysterious character that was ruined by an origin, not only that, but fans were upset in the movie trying to push a political agenda, creating a feminist droid that starts a droid rebellion, and subtly hinting at making another well known character, Lando Callrisian being a pansexual, this was officially confirmed by the co-screen writer Jonathan Kasdan saying that he isn’t exactly straight. 


The fourth film, The Last Jedi, was a let down to almost every hardcore Star Wars fan; including badly written characters, a plot line that didn’t make sense, and wasting potential for characters that were hyped up. The last film of the disney Star Wars franchise, the rise of skywalker. The movie didn’t try didn’t try to push a political agenda, but almost everyone hated it on opening night, fans and all alike said the movie was poorly sloped together, and having gaping plot holes that were never solved. People have compared the movie to a child’s fantasy book. The only good thing the Disney Star Wars franchise really has going for it is a show called The Mandalorian, which is basically carrying the franchise at this point. Sad to see such a beloved franchise go down hill like this; hopefully it redeems itself somehow.