Should Colleges Provide Openings for Esports?

Image of varsity Esports arena at King Library at Oxford, image provided by

Casey Dziepak, Writer

Colleges are starting to accept esports as a sport, University of California Irvine, Columbia College, Lees-McRae College, and other colleges are now providing money and camps for students to practice their gaming. Miami University has now made a camp and team for esports, they are called the Miami Redhawks. The question is: should colleges put this much money and effort into Esports? Esports have become more popular as the years are going, you can make big money off of it. Esports is like any sport, if you are good enough you can make a living off of it. If you can teach young people how to play video games more competitively, they could be making a living out of it. 


According to the, singles games could make you $200,000, or if you are playing higher games, about $10 million. When it comes to team games, you can make $2,000 to $5,000, but if you play more competitive games, you can make $15,000. This is not even including advertising, if you play your cards right you can make it on a team and start streaming. You being on a team would already boost your viewership so you wouldn’t have to start from nothing. If colleges provided more openings to Esports like they do with other sports, a lot more people could have jobs they would want. It would also help advertise the school if your team does well. If a school’s esports team makes it big, your school would make headlines. This would be good for schools, it would also inspire other schools to have an Esports team.


Now some people say that Esports are very expensive and you might not even make it. Well that is true, it’s hard to make it in this field and it’s also very costly. So while Esports are very costly, it can pay off. According to kids can gain social skills and and be better at understanding the distance and space of something. People’s imagination and creativity also get a boost because of games. If schools have Esports as a club or a class, the students would gain more social skills with others. The students would also gain many more skills. Esports also has a ton of variability. It’s not just one game, Esports can be different games that take different skills. For example, Overwatch is a First Person Shooter that takes a lot of fast reaction time and strategy, you also need to communicate with your team. While a game like Mortal Kombat takes fast reaction time and memorization skills. Esports has more freedom when it comes to it. This is the main reason why Esports should provide more openings for Esports, the health reasons, the teamwork, and of course the pay off.