Trunk or Treat!

This family from the previous year enjoying their time at the Trunk or Treat event. Photo provided by:

Vanessa Covarrubias, Writer

Saturday October 26, 2019 Highland Council of Community Events brings Trunk or Treat to Main Square. The organizer for this event gives us insight on what to expect this year.


“This will be the second year for the event. The Council of Community Events used to do as our fall event Battle on the Ridge at Main Square, but after a few years of low attendance we replaced it with Trunk or Treat.” said Erica Wolak. 


Taking the old out, bringing in the new. Since the event Battle on the Ridge wasn’t living up to what it was supposed to Trunk or Treat should be the one to be more successful.


     “Last year was our first year and we had no idea what to expect as far as turn out and people ran out of candy quickly. We had friends, family and the town council running to the store to buy more candy to keep us going. This year we will be more prepared. We didn’t have any negative feedback last year.” said Wolak. 


Even though the first year was a little rough, but it had a pretty good ending. It’s takes a lot of help and hard work to attempt for a good outcome.


“We had a great turn out last year when we held it at Homestead. We are hoping for an even better turn out this year by moving it to Main Square. Now that it is an established event and it will be centralized in town it should be well attended. This year we will have food trucks selling items such as hotdogs and funnel cakes.” said Wolak. 


They’re incorporating some food trucks and changing the location of the event this year. It is said to increase the number of people that attend because of conveniency for the Highland community.


“Last year I only went once by myself and it was actually fun because this house on my block they had a real chainsaw and it was chasing the people around. Give the kids more candy so it’ll be more enjoyable but if it’s raining then it won’t be as enjoyable.” said Joe Stanley.


Stanley gives us insight on how to possibly make this years event better than his previous experience. And gives feedback that if the weather isn’t great your experience at the event won’t be either. 


 “The hours are 3-5 October 26th; we are still looking for groups and individuals and business to come out and set up their cars it free to sign up. You do have to provide your own candy, we are also still accepting donations of money or candy if you would like to help but can’t attend. The application is on our facebook page The Highland Council of Community Events or emails us to request one at [email protected] My name is Erica Wolak I am in charge of promoting events for the council.” said Wolak.


Those are the hours this event runs for; even if you can’t attend but still wish to help out and get involved the information on how to is above if interested. 


“Be sure to get there early, bring money to enjoy the food trucks and register at our Eventbrite page so we have an idea of how many ghosts and goblins to expect. It is not required to do that but it helps us a lot.”


These are some tips that could be really helpful if this is your first time attending something like this. Even more it’ll make your time there a pleasant experience.


“The one at Wicker Park is run by the NorthTownship. Wicker is not an official Highland park. They are there to serve the communities of East Chicago, Hammond, Highland, Munster and Whiting. While we welcome people and businesses from all communities at all our events, our event at Main Square is put on with Highland residence and business in mind.”


You might have seen that there is another Trunk or Treat event during October. There are many differences among them since it is not run by Highland or considered a Highland park. 


 “The Highland Council of Community Events is a group of Highland residence and we are all volunteers. We are in charge of events such as the 4th of July fest, New Years’ fireworks, the Memorial Day Ceremony at Man Square, and the Santa Parade. The only requirement to volunteer is being 18 years old and a Highland resident.So if anyone is interested now or in the future in making their community a fun and welcoming place to live while padding a resume and gaining great skills. We would be happy to have them as volunteers. We meet every 2nd Thursday of the month at the town hall at 7pm.” said Wolak.


Some extra information if you are wanting to get involved with The Highland Council of Community Event. This is especially if you are interested on getting volunteer hours for a good look on your resume.