Why Students Don’t Need Quarterly Exams


Most quarterly exams and regular tests are given out on scantrons. Photo by James Rhoten

James Rhoten, Writer

At the end of the quarter, students become tired and look forward to the next quarter and a fresh start in the grade book. Some students are even satisfied with their grades at the end of the quarter, and are ready to work just as hard the next quarter. Then, their teacher slams a ginormous test with a scantron next to it on their desk. With teachers already filling up student’s backpacks with enough work for the quarter, why do teachers still give out exams at the end of the quarter?


With students being so mentally drained, having quarterly exams is a very bad idea. Some teachers do not give out quarterly exams, and only give out finals at the end of each semester. This is beneficial because students get more time to prepare and have less to stress about.


According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, teens get between 7 and 7 ¼ hours of sleep. The recommended amount needed is between 9 and 9 ¼ hour’s. With the added studying needed to prepare for these quarterly exams, student’s hours of sleep may drop even more.


Even with the quarterly being handed out, teachers still give out tests and quizzes the week of the quarterly and the week before. Some teachers don’t even give out study guides to help study for their quarterly. 


Quarterly exams don’t help grades, they just bring them down and add unnecessary stress on students. With the students all bogged down, how are they expected to pass all these tests, to pass their classes?