Teachers spook up the halls


The right side of the hallway is decorated with banners and little pumpkins made by students. Photo taken by Jessica Sonsiadek

By: Jessica Sonsiadek, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Student helpers took advantage of the hole in the ceiling by putting a fake skull between the pipes. Photo taken by Jessica Sonsiadek

It’s October, the month of Halloween. You’ll start seeing houses decorated, stores selling spooky items, and towards the end of this month, trick-or-treating.


Houses are decorated, but have you ever seen school hallways decorated? This October, Highland High School’s science hallway is decorated! Students came into school and noticed something different turning down the science hallway, there’s streamers hanging from the ceiling and eyeballs stuck on the ceiling. 


Science teacher Heather Oaks, which just transferred from Highland Middle School this year, decorated the hallway. Oaks said, “The hallways were kind of plain and I love Halloween, so I said why not decorate.”


Senior Noel Alvarado said, “I think the decorations are a useful way to hype up the spooky season.”


Some students helped Oaks decorate the hallway during her 7th hour study hall. The students that helped her were kids she had while in the Middle School.


Junior Heather Durkin said, “I absolutely love the decorations, they make me happy. Halloween is my favorite holiday.”


Oaks said that she would like to decorate every year and she would provide the decorations herself. She decorates her house for Halloween and said she has a lot of decorations just laying around that she does not use.


Some kids have been taking decorations down and she said that she doesn’t mind it. Students have also been adding little decorations by themselves, which makes Oaks happy.