Boys Serve Up a New Tennis Season


Daniel Wilson, senior, practicing Tennis with his fellow teammates. Photo provided by Daniel Wilson.

James Rhoten, Writer


The season is fall and football season is among us. But football isn’t the only fall sport that should catch your eye. With a young boys tennis team on the rise with a new coach in Terry Steenson, boys tennis is more exciting than ever!


With a new coach in Steenson and graduated seniors, the team is in rebuild  mode. “It’s a work in progress we’re rebuilding this year, we’re playing better every match. We played LC last night and we almost won a match. We’re scrappy,” Steenson said. 


Steenson is a new coach, but isn’t new to the game of tennis. Steenson coached girls tennis before coaching boys this year. “The difference is there’s far less drama,” Steenson said. “The guys are definitely a team and a group. It’s tough because I have ten guys in the team, I had thirty two girls last year.”


The expectations for the season of a rebuilding  team are to try their hardest and win more games. This is no exception for the Trojans tennis team. 


“We got a couple matches toward the end of the season we have circled for wins. We haven’t gotten there yet, but we’re getting there. I feel like we’re off to a slow start but we’ve played some tough schools. It’s tough when you only have ten guys and you’re second best player, Shivam Patel junior, is out. It’s gonna take a few years to get the numbers back up, but we’ll get there,” Steenson said.


The players agree with Steenson as well. Bryce Ozelie, sophomore, said, “We need to improve on some things, but other than that, the season’s been pretty good. We’re going to win more games and become more close to each other as a team.”


Marti Sprenne, senior, said, “I agree. This is the worst we’ve been since I started tennis because the team is so small this year. There aren’t a lot of experienced players to play varsity. Hopefully next year when I’m gone, the team will be a lot better, but right now we are starting to pick up speed and work better together with what we have.”


Overall, the boys tennis team is excited for the rest of the season and plan on improving their team and their record. Also, for whoever is wondering about the team’s availability, Manager Abby Acres, senior, said, “They’re all single and ready to mingle.”