Papa Johns is coming to Highland

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Eddie Jania



Last year, Highland High School would have every few weeks, “Dominos Pizza” days, where the school would have Domino’s pizza delivered to be served on Friday. But this year, something has changed, instead of Domino’s, the pizza being served is none other than fan-favorite, Papa John’s. Some people may be wondering, what’s the deal with the switch up? The answer came from Ms. Cheryl Kemp, manager of the kitchen here at Highland High School. 


   She stated, “Not all kids liked the Domino’s, and some kids prefer Papa John’s, so we decided let’s change it up this year.” 


During our interview, Ms. Kemp also revealed that Papa John’s does, in fact, have a white bread crust, contrary to the whole grain crust of the Domino’s we have grown accustomed to here. The first Papa John’s pizza day is Friday, August 30th.