Bringing back golden rule


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Treat others how you want to be treated is a phrase we are taught when we are little, but I rarely see people following this rule nowadays.

Skylar Clark, Editor-in-Chief

Recently, I’ve seen people who go through difficult times (i.e. divorces, family troubles) treating others terribly. People will often brush aside this disrespectful behavior because of all of the troubles this person has experienced. I simply can not follow this trend because I don’t think it’s okay turn a blind eye when someone is rude simply because they are going through a hard time. Everyone in life goes through struggles or hard times, so I don’t think it’s okay for them to take out their frustrations on others.

I do, however, think there is a problem with how our society deals with people who are struggling emotionally. Growing up, a common expression I often heard when I was upset was that “there are starving kids in Africa.” Although I understand that there are people in this world that have it worse than me, this doesn’t change my situation. Comparing yourself to others won’t change the fact that you’re upset. I feel like as a society we need to understand that people who are going through a difficult time don’t need to act happy all the time. It’s okay for them to feel sad or upset; I just don’t think it’s okay for them to be rude to other people.