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The cover of Serious Moonlight is a scene from the book.

Ashley Gomez, Writer

‘Serious Moonlight,’ a book by Jenn Bennett, tells an entrancing story with a mix of romance and mystery.

When Birdie, the narrator of ‘Serious Moonlight,’ was young, her mother passed away leaving her to be raised by her strict grandparents and her aunt Mona (who wasn’t her real aunt, but her moms best friend). When Birdie turns eighteen, she gets her first job and some freedom.

When she is at the Moonlight Diner, she meets Daniel, a magician and future coworker. As Birdie’s and Daniel’s romance starts, a mystery also starts to unfold. A secret writer comes into the hotel where they work, and for some reason Daniel is infatuated with this writer.

This book was very intriguing. With Birdie’s rocky on and off relationship with Daniel and the mysterious writer, who is acting suspicious, there is never a dull moment in this book; with every page there is a new turn or twist.

However, one thing that wasn’t great about this book was that it was a little confusing at times. With all the dates, different people and relationships it was hard to follow at times.

Overall, this book was super interesting and would be a good book for those who like romance and mysteries.