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“Five Feet Apart” is based on a true story, but the characters are different.

Ashley Gomez, Writer

“Five Feet Apart”
Both Stella and Will have cystic fibrosis; patients with cystic fibrosis are not supposed to get within six feet of each other due to cross contamination. These two characters aren’t supposed to be together, but they will take back a foot of space when it comes to their love.

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This book has many sad and unexpected turns.


“The Fault In Our Stars”
This book tells the story of Hazel, a cancer patient, and Gus, a former cancer patient. Hazel tends to push away those who want to be close to her. When Gus enters her life, her will to live changes.












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“The Book Thief” is classified as historical fiction.


“The Book Thief”
In this book, because Liesel has lost her brother and her mother, she is taken in by a nice family during a time of war in Germany. There she finds her love of words and books.











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The sequel to the movie of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” has been confirmed by Netflix.





“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

Lara Jean wrote five love letters to all her former crushes, but she never sent them. One day she finds out they they have all been. In order to hide the fact that she secretly has feeling for her sister’s ex-boyfriend,Josh, she creates a fake relationship with Peter, her former crush.










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“If I Stay” is the first book in a duology.

“If I Stay”
This book tells the story of Mia. When her family gets into a car crash, she falls into a coma. She is now an orphan and she doesn’t know if she will survive. The only thing that keeps her here is her grandparents and her boyfriend, Adam. This book takes you through memories that help her decide if she should stay or not.