AirPods become latest trend


Sarah Liden

AirPods are the most popular accessory Apple sells.

Sarah Liden, A&E and Social Media Editor

Bluetooth devices have made a significant impact on today’s generation. Almost anything you can find has some sort of Bluetooth connectivity wired into it. Examples include phones, televisions and even some refrigerator models.

By far the most popular of all, however, would be Apple’s newest rendition of headphones, AirPods. AirPods were introduced in December of 2016, to go hand in hand with the iPhone 7. This is because the iPhone 7 was the first iPhone model without a headphone cord jack. AirPods are Apple’s most popular product, with 35 million units sold in 2018, according to

Sarah Liden
The AirPod case is small and sleek, and easy to carry around.

This past Christmas, AirPods were by far the most popular gift of all. What makes these $200 earbuds so desirable? The pods themselves are very small, and easy to misplace. I personally haven’t had much issue with losing them; I just always make sure they’re in the case after I’m done using them.

One of the biggest concerns was the possibility of them falling out during excessive movement. As a user of AirPods, I haven’t had that big of an issue with them falling out; they are generally secure.

I found that the sound quality is slightly clearer than a traditional pair of headphones. If you want the extra bit of clarity, I would recommend AirPods over any other brand.

Cheap alternatives for AirPods are bountiful. Although they are nearly the same product, the alternatives tend to be larger, and have a more bulky look as opposed to AirPods.

Sarah Liden
Competitive earbuds are larger and bulkier.

In comparison to normal headphones, I prefer AirPods. Although they were pretty expensive, I’ve found them superior to wired headphones. With wire headphones, you have to worry about damaging the cords, causing sound loss.