Lubarski retires after 26 years


Ariel Cassell

English teacher Mary Beth Lubarski plans to organize her house after retiring this May.

Ariel Cassell, Writer

“Teaching seemed to match who I was,” Mary Beth Lubarski said.

Lubarski has been teaching in the Highland school system for twenty-six years. She spent her first seventeen years at the middle school teaching 7th and 8th grade. She then went on to teach freshman for nine years in the high school.

Besides teaching freshman English, she also teaches ESL (English Second Language Learners) as a course for students who are learning English as a second language. Here students can adjust to being in a new country, with a new language.

“I love teaching them, because I can see the growth,” Lubarski said.

Even though Lubarski loves to teach, this year she has announced her retirement. After twenty-six years, she has decided to retire alongside her husband.

“The more I thought about it (retiring), the more I thought we could do this together,” Lubarski said.

After this school year, she is going on a few vacations with her husband to celebrate their joint retirement.

In her almost three decades of teaching, her favorite thing is the students. She enjoys being with all of the different personalities of each of her students.

For students who are considering teaching as their future occupation, she has some advice.

“Stick with it, because we need people who want to be teachers,” Lubarski said.

She also suggested taking a cadet teaching position. She knows that teaching is changing, but sticking with it can help lead you down a path where you can help others who are just like you.

“This does work for me, and I had some experiences where I thought ‘that’s perfect for me.’ It has turned out to be a very good career choice,” Lubarski said.