Recommended fantastic fantasy books


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This series was originally supposed to be a trilogy but three more books were published after.

Ashley Gomez, Writer

“The Mortal Instruments”
This series tells the story of a girl named Clary Fray. One day she bumps into someone named Jace, and her life was turned completely upside down. Her mom is kidnapped and she finds out she is a Shadowhunter, a person who hunts demons and protects the Downworld.

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This is a prequel to the “Mortal Instruments” series.















“The Infernal Devices”
This trilogy tells the story of Will, Jem and Tessa. As Tessa strays from her home, she ends up at the London Institute. There she learns who she really is, as well saving the world.

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This series has a prequel with mini stories that tell the story of the main character before she went to prison.













“Throne of Glass”
This series tells the story of Celaena. She started out as a prisoner, but was let out so she could compete as the king’s champion. There she becomes friends with the king’s son, Dorian, and his close friend Chaol.

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There is an extra epilogue in the “Divergent” series that is not well known called “We Can Be Mended;” it takes place years after “Allegiant.”












This series tells the story of Tris, a girl who transferred to the Dauntless faction. This story is set in a dystopian world in which people are divided into five different groups. She has to train and pass three trials in order to get into dauntless. If she doesn’t pass, then she will become factionless.

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This story includes characters from the “Heroes of Olympus” series.
















“Trials of Apollo”
In this series, after the giant was Apollo was blamed and banished to Earth. He is turned into a human named Lester by his father Zeus. He must stay a mortal until he learns his lesson. However, during his time on Earth he will have to go through many challenges and trials just to survive.

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This series has many mysterious aspects that can be confusing if you misread something.

















“Study Series”
In this series, Yelena, a girl who assassinated someone,gets the chance to become the king’s taster and not be executed for the crime she committed. However, she is haunted by the ghost of the man she killed.

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After each book, a new character is added and their name is the title of the next book.














“The Lunar Chronicles”
Each book is a retelling of a fairy tale. Cinder is Cinderella, Scarlet is Red Riding Hood, Cress is Rapunzel, and Winter is Snow White. The first book starts out with Cinder who is a cyborg. She is picked for the cyborg plague testing, after her sister contracted it, and she somehow survives, but how?

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This book has two different stories, so you have to flip the book over to read the other part.















This duology tells the story of Gemma and Lyra. In a world of clones, craziness occurs and a fire breaks out.

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These books were made into movies and the first two were closely related to the books.











“The Hunger Games”
In this trilogy, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta are drafted into the Hunger Games where they have to compete in the challenge for their life, but the result of the Hunger Games is unusual.

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This book is told in alternating perspectives.















In this book, Day is a prisoner and is supposed to be executed, and June is practically born into the military. When they run away from the government, things get complicated.