Teachers testing too much


Ashley Gomez

Many students have to take more than one AP test.

Ashley Gomez, Writer

As finals week approaches for everyone, students in AP (Advanced Placement) classes have to also prepare for their AP tests.

In order to get weighted credit for an AP class, you have to take the corresponding AP test. In many AP classes, students take a practice test the week before the actual AP test to see how they will do. An example of this is in AP U.S. History class. Students there spend four days taking a practice test that also counts as a final. Also AP Language and Composition students have to take their final early. On top of practicing for AP tests, students have to also focus on their other classes.

In order to avoid stressful situations, teachers should plan with each other to make sure that there is not an overflow of test and quizzes in one week.

The number of tests students have to take should be lowered and limited. If the student has too much to do, they can become stressed and anxious, and be unable to focus on the important things. Many students in AP classes experience stress or anxiety when they have so much more to do as the school year comes to a close. Less testing would give student more opportunities to work on projects. They would also have free time after they have completed all their work.