Top ten standalone books to read


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This book is not only about solving a murder but preventing their own murder.

Ashley Gomez, Writer

When you are looking for a good book to read, but don’t want to commit yourself to an entire series, here are some suggestions for you.

“And Then There Were Four”
This book is a mystery full of twist and turns. When five high schoolers are sent to an abandoned building for a meeting, disaster happens. The only thing they know is that their parents are somehow involved.

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Amy and Roger both appear in Morgan Matson’s other books as side characters.
















“Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour”
This is a great short and sweet book to read when you’re in a reading slump, which is the term for when you don’t enjoy reading for a period of time. It tells the story of Amy, who has a strict plan, and Rodger, who seems to want to go where the road takes him, literally. A fun aspect of this book is that it includes things like song playlists.

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“Plus One” takes place in a alternate universe

















“Plus One”
In a world where some live in the light and some live in the dark, two people meet through a work incident. Along with this incidence, there is a baby that is stolen. With an inspiring romance and the suspense with every page you turn, this is a book for the mystery and contemporary lovers.

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In this book, the main character remains unnamed.

















“A Thousand Nights”
One girl from every village is chosen. Her village is next. In order to save her sister from being taken, by the King she makes herself look like the prettiest girl in the village.

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The fanfiction that Cath writes has now become a published book called “Carry On.”

















When Cath starts college, things change. She meets Levi, who is supposedly dating her roomate. Her and Levi quickly become friends. This story has heartbreak and happiness, and is the perfect book to read for a first contemporary book.

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“The Replacement Crush” shows the struggle of sticking to your plans versus following your heart.

















“The Replacement Crush”
When Vivian’s longtime crush pretends that nothing has ever happened between them, she creates a list of crushes that won’t lead to heartbreak, but she never expected to meet Dallas the new boy in town. Dallas will change her list of crushes forever.

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Though this book is about romance, it still has a mysterious tone.

















“Geography of Lost Things”
A girl wants to save her home, but the only way she can do that is to sell her late dad’s car. The only problem: she can’t drive stick shift, so she has to have her ex boyfriend drive her all the way across the country. On this trip, she learns more about her father than she ever imagined, and more about her ex.

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This book is technically part of the series “Thunder,” but can be read by itself.

















“Nowhere but Here”
Published on May 2015, this book, by Katie McGarry, tells the story of girl named Emily and boy named Oz. Emily is used to a semi-quiet life, but when she goes to live with her father, Oz is put in charge if making sure she stays safe. This book has a strong romance that is non-stereotypical. It still has the elements of a normal contemporary book, but it is much more than a typical romance.

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Freya is a queen that loves science.

















“Long May She Reign”
Freya was never supposed to become the queen, but when the 22 people in line for the throne before her suddenly die in a mass murder, she is now next in line . She is thrown into the world of leading her people and is overwhelmed between ruling and figuring out who killed everyone.

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Instead of working for her stepsister, in this book Ella works at a food truck.

















This is a classic story, “Cinderella”, with a twist. Daniella, or Ella for short, enters a cosplay contest to get a ticket to the ExcelsiCon Cosplay Ball. What she never expected was to meet someone special at the ball.