Spring Trends for Fashion forward teens


Sarah Liden

Stripes have made a huge comeback this year, in both pants and shirt form. Typical outfits that have big standout patterns, such as stripes, are paired with a solid color, most often black, white, or pastel colors.

Sarah Liden, A & E and Social Media Editor

High waists are back in style, as well as the “mom jean” trend. You can find this style in any teen store or a cheaper option: the thrift store. The “thrifted” look is extremely popular, and one of the cheapest and easiest trends to follow.

Sarah Liden
Not the most popular of trends, but to add a touch of personality to a certain piece, you could paint! This trend is mostly seen on denim jeans or jackets, and are often a strong contrast between the denim color.

















Sundresses are often a continuous trend every spring season. They are often flowy and found in bright or pastel colors such as yellow, red, blue and purple.

Sarah Liden
The biggest trend to come back this year is scrunchies. Scrunchies were extremely popular in the 80s-90s, and are much more popular and comfortable than normal hair ties.