Justin Bogner batters up


Ariel Cassell

The baseball season has just started, but the team has been practicing for several weeks.

Ariel Cassell, Writer

“Baseball would be my favorite sport because I get to spend most of my time with my dad since he is my coach, and it’s one of the best sports I play,” said junior Justin Bogner, who is on the varsity baseball team.

Other than baseball, Bogner plays football, wrestles and is a part of the Athletic Leadership Committee. The Athletic Leadership Committee meets every few weeks to create new tournaments to fundraise money for the Special Olympics. These extracurricular activities have helped Bogner become a better leader for his teammates and the people he is surrounded by. He has also learned how to work with others better, other than just working by himself. In addition, he has learned how to be in control of his emotions for his teammates so he can help them out.

This is Bogner’s first year on the varsity baseball team. He is still getting used to the change in teams, but likes the atmosphere of the games and practices, and also the new experiences he is getting. The team is three and four right now, and they have a two game winning streak.

According to varsity baseball coach John Bogner, whom is also Justin’s dad, “Right now our best hitter is Justin Bogner.”

Justin gave a little advice for younger students and players involved in sports.

He said, “If you find a sport you like, do it as much as you can because the further you go on the more competitive it gets, so have fun with it while you can.”