Sophomores visit college early


Photo provided by Jodi Olah.

Students in Jodi Olah’s English 10 class pose in front of Purdue Northwest’s mascot Leo the Lion.

Skylar Clark, Editor-in-Chief

Photo provided by Jodi Olah
Sophomore English teachers are taking their classes to tour Purdue Northwest and learn how to prepare for the future.



Photo provided by Jodi Olah
Olah came up with the idea to tour Purdue’s campus to spark students’ interest in going to college.



Photo provided by Jodi Olah
The broadcasting lab at Purdue Northwest hosts a show called The Roundtable Perspective. Students provide talent and run the cameras and lights.






































When should you start thinking about your future after high school?

“I teach 10th grade, and I feel like most 10th graders don’t start thinking about their college planning until they are juniors. I feel like that’s a little bit late, and that if they are a little bit younger, they can start thinking about it and kind of take their time in the process, and not be so overwhelmed with it,” said English teacher Jodi Olah.

This year Olah came up with the idea to have the sophomore English classes go on a field trip to Purdue Northwest to motivate and inspire students to start thinking about college earlier.

Olah said, “It is not meant to influence them to attend that school; it is just meant to spark their interest in college in general.”

“Personally, that’s not my first college choice, but for other students who don’t know what college they want to go to, I think it is a great opportunity for them to experience and to see what different opportunities there are at this college. They can also see what college life would be like if they do choose to go to college,” said sophomore Kailyn Butler.

Sophomore English teachers Ashley Sudar and Molly Wagner will also take their classes.

Seniors were split on whether visiting colleges earlier would have helped them decide more quickly where to go.

Senior Sierra Laviolette said, “I most definitely think that visiting colleges earlier would have helped me because then you’re able to see a possibility of where you’ll be spending the next four years of your life. Reading about a school is much different from actually being on campus.”

Other students reasoned that there were other factors to consider.

“What really helped me decide was getting accepted and the amount of scholarship money I received,” said senior Isabel Knipe.

Although there are many factors to consider when choosing where to go, Olah’s main goal was to get students thinking.

“The purpose is to show students that have maybe never had the opportunity to go on a college campus to see what a college campus looks like, to see the inside of a college classroom, and to find out about the application process, so they can start thinking about it early. I hope that they gain from it the desire to go on to college after high school,” said Olah.

Sophomore Hannah Almaraz said, “Going (to PNW) would be really fun; they have a lot of intramural sports, which is fun. They have cupcake eating contests, which is really funny. They have a bunch of different things you can do. They were explaining credits and things like that. It was really fun.”

“It was interesting. I learned a lot of different things, and hopefully I’ll attend there,” said sophomore Shyille Carter.