School pride infects students


Skylar Clark

Senior Adrienne Valdez could tackle someone with all her school pride.

Skylar Clark, Editor-in-Chief

Monday: College Day

Skylar Clark
Freshmen Cami Zumm and Marissa Gibson rep college gear on Monday.
















Tuesday: Fraternity and Sorority Day

Skylar Clark
(From left to right) Seniors Paige Hays, Paige Fanning, and Kennedy Vernengo were ready to party on Frat Day.














Wednesday: Dress Like Your  Kindergarten Picture Day

Skylar Clark
Juniors Hailey Childress and Jaquelyne Arellano both rocked pigtails and overalls in their kindergarten pictures.

















Thursday: Dress Like Your Future Day

Skylar Clark
When Senior Katy Bedka grows up, she wants to be a pharmacist.

















Friday: Blue and Gold Day