Dane Richardson, becoming sophomore soccer star


Loray Cruz

Dane Richardson celebrating win with friends Victor Cruz and Nate Safin.

Amalia Cruz, Alyssa Robinson, Writers

Starting player Dane Richardson is one of very few sophomores starting for the Highland High School varsity soccer team. Richardson tries his hardest on the field while trying his hardest to get good grades in school. This confident offense sophomore player is progressing and scoring many goals and assists.

Richardson’s coach Andrew Timm said, “He has worked hard over the past two seasons to become more level headed on the pitch which has lead to him being a truly valuable player on our team.”

His mother Brenda Richardson described him as being “energetic, loving, and competitive.”

His father Dan Richardson said that he is “athletic, has the ability to visualize, and confident.”

Richardson also plays for a travel soccer team, Indiana Elite. He plays on this team during the off season and plays his usual position: offense. They travel to places like Florida and California. He also uses the same number as on his high school team: 16.

Junior Captain Jackson Raycroft said, “He can be short tempered at times, but Dane is pretty much just Dane.”

The seniors he has connected the most with were senior captains Kyler Tanas and Evan Hess.

Richardson said, “I look up to these seniors and think of them as my brothers.”

Hess says that his teammate is “goofy, a hard worker and a little bit of a hot head!”

This starting sophomore is looking forward to next season. He is only getting better and trying harder. He is ready to play his best on the field and will also continue to be a positive asset to the team!