Throwing 3.14 at teachers

History teacher David Bedka winces as a pie is launched at him.

Logan Brock

History teacher David Bedka winces as a pie is launched at him.

The Trojan Tribune Staff, Writers

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Logan Brock
Senior Madison Cheeseman smears a pie right in history teacher Terry Steenson’s face.










Logan Brock
Junior Olivia Smith gets ready to launch a pie.











Logan Brock
Special education teacher Robert Moran takes it like chap as he is creamed in the face.











Jessica Sonsiadek
Science teacher Margaret Jensen dodges an incoming pie.


















Today, on Pi Day, students got to throw whipped cream “pies” at a handful of teachers during all lunches for a dollar a pie. Freshman sponsor Eve Polivka came up with this idea to raise money for the freshman class.

“It was actually something we did at a school I used to work at before I came here. I thought it would good like ‘Hey, let’s give this a shot.’ We were trying to figure out fundraisers other than the whole candy sale or food sale,” said Polivka.

Polivka sent out a spreadsheet to the whole staff.

“I saw the email from Mrs. Polivka and thought it would be fun to help out,” said Spanish teacher Elsa Kluga.

According to Polivka, it is up to the teachers how far the students could stand to throw the pie, but if you paid five dollars, you could smear it on the teacher’s face.

“I was so happy I got to do that,” said sophomore Angelica McDonald after she pied English teacher Ashley Sudar.

Assistant Principal Anthony Belli was nominated as the administrative personel to get pied.

After getting pies thrown at him by five students, Belli said that he still felt great.

“It’s just whipped cream,” said history teacher Terry Steenson, who choose not to wear a bag.

Most of the staff seemed happy to help.

Special education teacher Robert Moran said, “I think all kids deserve to have some fun at school and this was a great outlet.”

“I’m definitely in for next year, and I love pie,” said math teacher David Cotner.

Polivka said, “Having students pie their teachers brings them closer in friendship.”

Overall, Pi Day was a success! The whole case of whipped cream that Polika bought was used up before C lunch ended.