Tracking girls’ track


Photo provided by Kailyn Butler

(From left to right) Junior Miyah Hinkel, Freshman Marissa Gibson, Sophomore Danielle Rulblacaba, Freshman Braelyn Washick, Freshman Kylie Raddatz, Freshman Carly Kuva, Sophomore Kailyn Butler at their first meet at Lake Central.

James Rhoten, Brice Taylor, Brandon Fleming, Writers

Bang! The gun goes off and the runners take off from the starting line. Their legs taking long strides. Each runner passes the other, hoping to cross the finish line first. Then one finally crosses the line, but there is one first place winner. With the track season almost officially underway, the girls are prepping for the season.

Obviously for all sports, the main goal is to win sectionals, regionals and hopefully state.

Girls’ track coach Rob Lukowski said, “For the girls, the last two years since I took over as head coach, we have inched closer and closer both in conference and in sectionals to win it. That is our ultimate goal for the end of the season (when it comes to sectionals and conference).”

“Beyond sectionals, we want to advance as many girls to the regionals as we can get there,” said Lukowski.

“I feel good about the season. I feel the coaching is good,” said Freshman Braelyn Washick.

Freshman Kylie Raddatz said, “I expect it to be a very great season. I’m very excited for it.”

A lot of athletes sometimes have trouble balancing sports and academics, but not freshman Mariah Roach.

Roach said, “After a long practice and run outside, you would be physically tired, but academically I wouldn’t say it puts a strain on me because it’s easy to balance practice and schoolwork (personally).”

With the first meet of the season at Lake Central, a few throwers were participating in the first meet.

Sophomore Kailyn Butler said, “Not only was this my first meet of the season, it was my first meet ever. I was extremely nervous, but excited to try something new.”

For others, this was not their first rodeo.

Junior Miyah Hinkel said, “I think tonight was a huge confident booster to our new girls. Everyone seemed more confident than usual, which is awesome! Everyone was positive and cheered each other on. We still have more room for improvement in all events, but as the season goes on, I know that we will be a well rounded team. I can’t wait to see what this season brings us!”

Sophomore Lindsay Modjeski ran the 800 and the 4×800 during the meet, and was very happy with outcome.

Modjeski said, “Overall, I was very happy with the outcome and thought that we did great as a team. I’m feeling pretty confident about the rest of the season, and I am looking forward for what it has to bring to us girls.”

With the girls’ first meet out of the way, what will the rest of the season hold for the track team? Come to the meets to show support and find out!