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Skylar Clark

Skylar Clark, Editor-in-Chief

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What are you going to do with the rest of your life? This is a question that everyone has to answer at some point in there life, but how do you decide what career is best for you?

“I decided to go into teaching after being a park superintendent in Hobart for two years. I didn’t like the political aspect of it and the stress of it so I made a list of the things that I liked about doing that job,” said social studies teacher Scott Carlson. “Everything I liked about that job had to do with the people who worked for me, who were all high school and college students. I really enjoyed the interaction with those people so I went back to school to be(come) a teacher.”

It is not always obvious what your true passions in life are. Students and staff members, however, tried offering advice for anyone still struggling to figure out what they wanted to do with the rest of their life.

“If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, act like you have so much money that you don’t have to work and whatever you do to occupy your day is what you should be doing. Say you want to be a professional basketball player, but you don’t have the skills; you’re not going to make it. Find something related to that, sports medicine or something within the industry, that still keeps you close to the things you love and you’ll enjoy yourself earning that physic income,” said Carlson.

Senior Isabel Knipe said, “Do something you know you have the motivation to do, and that you won’t end up hating and hating yourself for doing it in five years.”

“Sometimes it is very easy to focus on what you like, but you need to stand back and think about what you like and why you like it,” science teacher Margaret Jensen said. “For example, I liked science and I wanted to share my love of science. At first I thought it was through writing, but then I realized I had a passion for working with teenagers. When I thought about it, then it just seemed so clear to me, but when I just focusing on ‘Oh I like science, oh I like writing, oh I like communicating,’ I didn’t understand fully what I wanted to do or be.”

Although determining what you like and dislike about different careers is a good start, a good way to narrow down your search even further is to evaluate why you feel this way because doing this can lead to the root of your true passion.

Jensen also recommended talking to people in careers that you are interested in and asking if you can job shadow. Job shadowing or volunteering allows you to experience what it is like to work in that field or environment without overcommitting to it as your paid job that you may end up disliking.

A lot of students who are unsure about what they want to do end up taking a year off. Is this a good idea for those students or should they go to college undecided?

“I would only recommend a year off only if you have no clue about what you are going to do,” said Carlson.

“I guess that depends on what you are going to be doing during your year off. If you are not sure about what you want to study in college, your first year is filled with introductory courses and they will help you decide. Sometimes it is a good idea, like perhaps do a tour of a foreign country or take a big road trip across the United States. Having experiences and meeting new people is a great idea if you can do it,” said Jensen.

“Nope, no gap year. You are just going to get lazy and you’re going to like staying at home doing nothing,” said senior Jacob Simmons.

Senior Stephanie Narantic said, “I think people should take gap years. Take a gap year if you are going to decide what you are going to do. If you’re just going to not do anything then maybe not because you probably won’t go back to college, but if you’re doing things and trying to figure out what you are going to do then I would suggest taking a gap year.”

Unfortunately, figuring out what you should do with the rest of your life is no easy process. Hopefully, though, by taking the time to think, reflect, and experience new things, you will be able to discover your true passion.