Weezer goes from covers to originals in one month


Photo provided by pitchfork.com

Weezer released black album, an album about learning how to deal with the world, on March 1st.

Megan Curran, Writer

In late January of this year, Weezer released its 12th studio, and fifth self-titled album, ‘Weezer (Teal Album),’ comprised of only covers. A little over a month later, on March 1st, they released ‘Weezer (Black Album).’ While the ‘Teal Album’ is made up of very upbeat songs, the ‘Black Album’ is made up of originals, and more alternative, while maintaining the Cali rock feel that Weezer is known for.

This album acts as a sort of response to the critics of the band’s 1996 album ‘Pinkerton.’ Their sophomore album was written by singer Rivers Cuomo, while on painkillers after surgery on his leg in 1995. The album took a darker approach, with most songs focused on sex and angst, which fans and critics alike didn’t care for.

The bad publicity this album received sent Cuomo into a spiral of depression; he left the band and retreated from the spotlight. Luckily, he dug himself out of his hole and returned to Weezer, putting the past behind him.

The ‘Black Album’ clearly illustrates how far the band has come and how much their style has changed while still sounding different than anything that’s on the radio. ‘Can’t Knock the Hustle’ is a song focused on the trouble of working hard and putting in a lot of effort, but still getting hate. Alternatively, ‘High as a Kite’ is about wanting to escape your troubles and be yourself without being criticized . ‘Living in L.A.’ takes a similar tone, focusing on loneliness and the feeling that you’ve distanced yourself.

‘Zombie Bastards’ is a cynical song that starts off soft, but when it hits the chorus, takes off repeating, “Die, die, you zombie bastards.” ‘Piece of Cake’ talks about despair and poor luck in love.

This album is a very cohesive piece of work with many different stories told throughout the songs, tied together to form one big feeling of hopelessness and a longing for sincere love.