Students in shock to see they’re blocked


Photo provided by Kennedy Vernango

Students and parents alike were shocked to see that they had been blocked from seeing STOH related tweets.

Sarah Liden, A&E and Social Media Editor

Specific students received an alarming surprise when they went to check the official School Town of Highland Central Office Twitter account this past weekend. Many students, including seniors Kennedy Vernengo and Payton Foreman, noticed they were blocked from seeing the account.

“I was irritated. We have gotten so many things taken away from us. Pep rallies, the senior bench, extra point, class rank, etc. The Twitter page was how I found out about cancellations or delays or anything else, and that got that taken away too. It made me pretty mad,” said Foreman.

Usually, individuals are blocked because they make inappropriate comments directed at the school-run account. The users blocked, however, did nothing to provoke the account.

Sophomore Lucas Guerra was confused more than anything. “When I was blocked, I did not know what to think. I tried to give thought as to why the School Town of Highland twitter page would block me. I texted my coach and we both could not think of anything,” said Guerra.

Dr. Sherri Mitchell, who runs @OfficeStoh, said, “There shouldn’t be any blocked accounts on the district Twitter except advertisers. All advertisers are blocked as soon as their ads show up. I already found several students and unblocked them. They had no reason to be blocked, so (I’m) not sure what happened.”

When Vernengo found out she was blocked, she was shocked.

“I didn’t take it personally. I was just really confused because I feel like I put a lot into Highland High School; I’m really involved. I’m here before school most days and I stay after everyday, sometimes until 9 or 10 at night, so it just wouldn’t make sense to block me,” said Vernengo.

Neither Foreman or Vernengo could find any reason for them to be blocked.

Foreman said, “I’ve never tweeted at the STOH account so the reason for me being blocked is a mystery to me still.”

“The only thing I can think of is that last week, when we had spirit week, and it was Vine/Meme day, I tweeted pictures of my Arthur meme costume and I tagged the Central Office. I guess they didn’t like that very much,” said Vernengo.

Another possibility, given by Mitchell, could be that “some accounts are blocked if they keep popping up on accounts the district follows. For instance, if a coach follows colleges or athletes outside of Highland, those are blocked just so they don’t keep popping up on the district account.”

As of this week, all students should be unblocked. If you find that your account is still blocked, contact Central Office and they will fix the issue.