School pride ignites students


Photo provided by Jillian Parsley.

Freshman Andrew Sharp dressed eerily similar to band teacher Brian Blocker on Teacher Look-Alike day.

Skylar Clark, Editor-in-Chief


The week started off with Jersey Day.

Photo by Skylar Clark
Senior Mark DeLeon represents his favorite team, the Chicago Cubs.
















Conflict arose on Tuesday as it was Versus Day.

Photo by Skylar Clark
Sophomore Jana McCarthy (devil) and Junior Erin Zehner (angel) represented good and evil.
















By far the most well received spirit day, Wednesday was Memes/Vines Day.

Photo by Skylar Clark
Senior Laviolette dressed up as her favorite Vine, ‘Zach Stop.’
















This was a day filled with administration as students dressed as their favorite teachers, trying to copy their style.

Photo by Skylar Clark
Senior Paige Fanning drew on a fake beard and wore a blanket under her shirt to nail the look of choir teacher David Markley.













Usually on Fridays of spirit week, all students just wear blue and gold, but this year our school decided to do something different and gave each class a distinct color. Seniors wore blue, juniors white, sophomores yellow, and freshman black.

Photo by Skylar Clark
Seniors Jacquelyn Acevez and Estrella Solis show school pride by wearing blue.