Battle of hallways


Photo by Ariel Cassell

Nicholas Witham, Delia Curtis, Makenzie Marwitz, Payton Foreman, Nathan Matthews, Gloria Linkiewicz, Nathaniel Taillon, and Kiara Robinson are all the seniors who decorated the choir hallway.

Ariel Cassell, Writer

Photo by: Ariel Cassell
Freshman Ava Leffel, Emma Galoch, Gracie Bedka, Carly Raab, and Noah Farrenkopf help decorate the class color hallway located in the social studies department.







Photo by: Ariel Cassell
Here are some of the sophomore drawings for “Versus Day” that are hung in the math hall.












Photo by: Ariel Cassell
Juniors Joey Kerber, Katie Brankin and Hallie Ryzewski wait for more of the memes they have of Assistant Principal Andrew Locke to be printed out.










Photo by: Ariel Cassell
All of the senior names are taped up on jerseys in the choir hallway.






















Every year each of the four classes battle to catch the eyes of the judges for the hallway decorating competition. The hallways are decorated by the student council officers, representatives and any volunteers.

“It usually takes a long time. Like in years past we have stayed at school till 6/6:30ish but we finished at like 5 this year,” said senior Gloria Linkiewicz.

Each class got to pick the spirit week theme that they wanted starting with the seniors.

Seniors chose “Jersey Day,” juniors “Meme Day,” sophomores “Versus Day,” and freshman had “Class Color Day.”

Each class was given a specific hallway to decorate based on their class sponsors. Seniors have the choir hall, juniors the pool hall, sophomores math, and freshman have the history hall. They were decorated after school on Wednesday then they were judged by science teacher Dan Richardson.

With the seniors having “Jersey Day” they added another theme to the hall: “Leave your Legacy.” With this theme they took old jerseys from different Highland teams and hung them from the ceiling. They also put the name of every senior on a paper jersey and tapped them to the showcase cabinet in the choir hall.

“We just wanted to say thank you to all the coaches, athletes and the band who donated jerseys,” said senior class sponsor Rebekah Thompson.

The juniors took their own spin on “Meme Day.” They added a meme of assistant principal Andrew Locke to their decorating. Along with this meme they also had several others hanging on posters on the wall.

“It was really easy (coming up with memes) because we are all obsessed with them,” said junior Katie Brankin.

Sophomores have nine different versus drawings in their hallway. Some include Disney vs. Nickelodeon, Sox vs. Cubs, and D.C. vs. Marvel. Other drawings are hung in between. Each versus theme has a rope that ties them together to represent tug-o-war.

“The Parkey vs. the goal post one (was my favorite) because I felt like it was one that everyone could get a laugh out of,” said sophomore Hannah Rebey.

Lastly, the freshman have different posters for each of the class colors.

“We put two to three people for each color, and they decided what they wanted to do with it,” said freshman class sponsor Eve Polivka.

The class of 2019 has won the last three years, and they continued their winning streak on Wednesday. The sophomore class came in second place.